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What if every time you went to the gym, you had a  coach to make sure you got the very best from your workout?

Here we do things a bit differently in order to guarantee we deliver the results that our clients deserve.

We're Not Your Average Gym

Every Session You Do At ABS&C Studios is Coached by An Expert...

Whether it's a small group personal training session, a boxing class or a mobility session, you're never left in the dark.

And what's more, working out alongside others means that the workouts are ten times more fun and everyone ​puts that little bit more effort in.

​As a gym, we judge ourselves by the results we get....

What we want is for you to get the best results possible from training with us, and that means great coaching in an environment that you enjoy.

What Our Members Say

A Refreshingly Different, Results-Based Approach.

We hear time and again that gyms are too intimidating and cliquey, too busy or too complicated. Despite knowing that all of us need to exercise, if you're only option is a place that fills you with dread, then it's just not going to happen

That's why the small group approach we use here works so well. There's no queueing for kit, every workout is planned for you with your own individual needs taken into account, plus you have expert supervision throughout to make sure you're doing everything properly.

And most importantly, it's fun. A dull or unfriendly gym has got to be one of the worst places to get results out people, and that's why we're so passionate about making sure people enjoy their sessions.

The best way to find out if we're going to be a good fit for you is to come and try us for yourself.
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