Imagine a Gym With No Meatheads, No Grunters, No Egos, and No Attitude...

Yes, it does exist!

Meatheads... Need not apply.

We've all been there- you've dragged yourself to the gym only to find it rammed full of bros. People queuing for benches- benches being occupied by idiots sat texting on their phones, other benches surrounded by gangs of teenagers.

If you're anything like me, you've walked out without even bothering to warm up.

We do things a bit differently here. For one, there are no mirrors, so gym selfies are definitely out. More importantly, we only ever train four people an hour. That's it: Four clients, one coach, one awesome workout.

If you go to the gym just to look at yourself in the mirror, then you're in the wrong place.

Don't get me wrong, we know you want to look good, and you're going to train hard. But the type of training we do hits every part of your body, training you like an athlete.  We also address any imbalances you've got, and give you a short, sharp cardio hit as well.

With us you get the whole package. No chest day, arm day, back day split - just the fastest route possible to the results you want.

I get it - work is hectic. You're tired from early starts and long days. But you still want to train. You need to train. And you haven't got time to waste doing it wrong.

This is why every workout you do at my studio is not only planned by an expert, but you're also coached by an experienced trainer...

Every time you work out

You don't need to bother with what the latest edition of Men’s Health is telling you…weights vs cardio, high reps vs low reps, strength vs stamina. I know you haven't got time for that- it’ll change by next month anyway. You just want to work out and get great results.

"But I need to train before work, there's no way you can fit me in."

Our whole timetable is designed around busy work schedules. We start at 6:30am. You can even train, get home to do the school run and still make it to work on time.

What Our Members Say About The Gym

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'd only worked with a trainer once before, and that ended terribly!"

“Alex and I had a very grown up conversation about my desired outcomes, he seemed far more authentic than anyone else I had spoken with.The studio is super well-equipped, and the small groups allow me to train without the Bros staring me down to get on 'their' rack or bench, so that I can actually concentrate on technique rather than mindlessly trying to lift the heaviest weights possible.

I was instantly attracted to the amount of mobility work that he does, and the strength & conditioning style sessions have turned out to be right up my street – giving me the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.”

David Leslie
- Programmer

"I genuinely look forward to the gym!"

"Before training with Alex, I used to wander around gyms; aimless and clueless. Now I have a new-found confidence and have made some great gains in just a few months.

In the sessions at Alex's studio I lift with knowledge and confidence all under the guidance of a true pro who keeps me focused and progressing. Alex has taught me how to respect the gym and my body. I am fitter and stronger than ever and the gains keep coming.

Alex creates an atmosphere where I can thrive. He always strikes the balance betweenguidance and motivation and each session is focused and professional."

John Tovey
- Team Leader
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I've made BIG improvements and know there's more to come”

"I was after the same things everyone wants – less stress, lesslard, and more day to day energy.

I’ve already gained such better discipline in looking after myself – with both diet and exercise. The help Alex has given me with nutrition has helped massively too.

The stuff that’s showed up that I wasn’t even expecting is how much I now enjoy the training sessions…

Its good FUN to turn up to training and see the lads as well as push my body! When did this happen?!?"

Damian Bird
- Business owner

What if you had the chance to road test our Personal Training Membership for 30 days? ...all this for only £149

  • Consultation and Movement Screen so we know exactly what you want and we can work out the best way to get you there.
  • Unlimited Personal Training Sessions. Choose from 25 slots per week. The focussed attention you get in these sessions mean you get the very best from your workouts.
  • Metabolic Sessions. Fat loss and fitness set to a great soundtrack.
  • Nutritional Coaching. We'll help with you nutrition every step of the way with weekly check ins with your coach 

...all this for only £149

Alex Backhouse
AB Fitness Studios, Third Avenue, Hove.

Alex opened his personal training studio because he wanted to his skills as a strength coach to use helping larger groups of people.

The style of training he uses alongside coaching to very small groups is totally unique to Brighton and Hove and his studio is perfectly equipped to deliver this detailed, personal service.