INVEST IN ME - Alex Backhouse

Come and try the Studio out for 30 Days for only £99

What’s included in the trial?

  • A full movement screen - a quick assessment to check for any postural issues so we can take them into account.
  • Small Group Personal Training - between 2 and 4 people per session
  • Unlimited Metabolic Sessions - Fat Burning and Fitness with our awesome group timetable
  • Nutritional Coaching throughout - all specific to your goals

What can I expect from the trial?

With 2 Personal Training sessions a week as well as access to the Team Training schedule, you're guaranteed to see a noticeable change in strength, fitness and shape over 30 days.

We'll help with your nutrition too, but it'll be gradual and sensible changes so you don't crash and burn due to being too keen!

If you like the sound of the 30 Day Trial, but have a few more questions...

Just drop me a message and I'll get right back to you.